Aims & Objectives

Saheli gives Asian women a chance to get away from violent domestic abuse situations by providing an environment which is safe, culturally familiar and which helps them come to decisions of their own about their next steps. Information and advice is available to help them to make positive decisions for themselves and their children.

Our focus:

  • To provide temporary refuge for women and their children who have left their homes due to domestic violence.
  • To ensure security of accommodation.
  • To provide counselling and practical support to women with in the refuge.
  • To provide care and support for the children of women within the refuge.
  • To provide aftercare support to women and their children who have left the refuge.
  • To provide advice and information to Asian women suffering from domestic violence.
  • To maintain a strictly confidential service.
  • To support women in whatever decision they make regarding their future, whether they decide to return to their partners or whether they decide to set up independently.
  • For reasons of safety and security, Saheli will not work with womens partners or family.

“Domestic Abuse is both cause and consequence of gender inequality.” United Nations has identified domestic abuse as a form of gender based violence that is predominantly experienced by women and perpetrated by men (United Nations, 1992).

For more information and advice on how we can help, please contact us on 0161 945 4187 or email

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