Volunteering Benefits

I have been carrying out my placement at Saheli for the past four months as a Social Work student. It has been a great experience learning about issues which I had very little knowledge of such as forced marriages, honor-based violence, female genital mutilation and human trafficking. Carrying out group sessions, key working sessions and house meetings with victims of domestic abuse has allowed me to develop my skills as a social work practitioner, as I have learnt to show empathy due to the nature of the sensitivity within this area. Working in partnership with social workers to support and safeguard children and families through child in need meetings, joint meetings, dash assessments, risk assessments and support plans has given me a huge insight into working within a multidisciplinary team. I have two months left of my placement at Saheli and I wish to expand my skills further.

Benefits to Volunteers

Volunteering opportunities with Saheli enabled women to:

  • Learn new skills
  • Meet others in similar situations
  • Develop self-esteem and confidence

Volunteers and placement students get a chance to be involved in a range of very important projects and events such as holding Saheli’s information stalls at different events organised by other agencies. This gives them the opportunity to network with other projects in a similar field and get information about their services for the local community.

Our volunteers also gain experience and confidence in dealing with the service users face to face. Volunteers gain knowledge of working as admin support workers, interpreters, and as weekly group workers. Many volunteers have gained skills in fundraising.

Holistically, Saheli’s volunteer’s project has successfully been a part of many interesting and significant events, which has helped many volunteers to thrive in their knowledge, understanding and confidence and gain valuable skills experiences and help with future careers.

For more information and advice or to volunteer, please contact us on 0161 945 4187 / 0161 877 1321 or email info@saheli.org.uk

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