Refuge Accommodation

Our refuge base offers safe temporary accommodation, advice and support. Any Asian woman who is fleeing domestic abuse/forced marriages can refer herself to us directly or through an agency who is supporting her. We conduct pre-admission risk assessments to ensure our services are the right ones for the woman in question, this is imperative.

‘Forgotten Women’ – Poverty, destitution and domestic abuse (Saheli Research funded by Oxfam GB, March 2008)

Report found many women who were not able to access refuge and fleeing domestic abuse were taking shelter with friends, family members or strangers. Many women in such situations were sleeping in living rooms or sharing a bedroom with children in the family. Quote to women forced to live in house of a relative:

I am ‘on call’ as domestic workers with no private space to retreat to.

Women expressed greatest concerns for their safety where they were not in a refuge.

Click here to see a number of issues that Asian women may face when they come to us.

For more information and advice on how we can help, please contact us on 0161 945 4187 or email

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