Aim & Outcomes of the Maya Project


BAMER Women and Girls will be inspired to raise their aspirations, realise their dreams and live the lives they want to. To have access to support and services and provide a holistic service to BAMER women and girls.


  1. BAMER Women and Girls will have access to appropriate support at the right time: crisis intervention, practical and emotional, confidence and self esteem building and self development
  2. BAMER Women and Girls will be able to identify their goals, plan to address their needs and achieve their goals
  3. BAMER Women and Girls will be inspired by other women, including other Maya Project participants, volunteers, workers and supporters
  4. BAMER Women and Girls will have improved skills, knowledge, employability or entrepreneurship

Actions and processes to achieve project outcomes

  • Service delivery partners will have improved links across the project partnership through the development of the project, its structures and cross referral pathways
  • Service delivery partners will develop stronger and wider links with a range of external agencies including voluntary and statutory services for better pathways and specialist support

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