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When I came to Saheli, I was so scared. Saheli service was confidential and this gave me some confidence, but also speaking to staff and meeting other Asian women who had experienced abuse gave me courage. Today I look back and thank God that I found Saheli. It was like home where no was hitting me, shouting at me and threatening to kill me. Staff understands me, they do not blame me.
(Saheli Resident, 2015)

A long standing beacon in the community, award winning charity Saheli Asian Women’s Project has been established for almost 40 years (since 1976). Working in partnership with statutory, national and local organisations, Saheli has become an essential, reputable and reliable service in the community that many local organisations, people and families have come to rely on over the years.

Having a specialist service, dedicated to serving the particular needs that Asian women and their families face has meant that thousands of women over the years have had a chance to leave abusive situations and secure a better future for them and their families.

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For more information and advice on how we can help, please contact us on 0161 945 4187 or email info@saheli.org.uk                         

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